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By Edward C. Smith, DMD, MPH, LLC
September 18, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Same Day Crowns  
Same Day Crown ImageWe live in a world where our time is as valuable—if not more valuable—than our dollars. Lately, both seem to be in high demand and in ever-dwindling supply. When you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle, sometimes it can be hard to remember to care for your teeth, and when emergencies happen, it can be almost impossible to get the care you need without compromising your other obligations and plans.

When Waiting For A Crown Is Not An Option

A lot of dental procedures occur over the span of several visits, forcing patients to rearrange their lives just to receive proper medical attention. Columbus dentist, Dr. Edward C. Smith, along with many other modern-day dental health professionals, is working hard to make getting the care you need less of a burden, especially when it comes to dental restoration procedures. He understands that in an emergency situation, waiting for a replacement crown just isn’t an option.
Affordable crown replacement procedures—which usually take several weeks to complete—can now happen in one visit with Edward D. Smith, DMD. Same-day dental bridges and crowns are now available for Columbus, GA patients in need of emergency tooth restoration.

How Do Same-day Crowns Work?

Essentially, the procedure for implementing same-day crowns is almost exactly what you’d expect from a normal crown replacement procedure, save the long wait and multiple dental office visits.
First, we will take a digital impression of your mouth using a laser scanner. From that impression, we’ll cast a dental crown to fit over your damaged tooth. Before dentists were able to create customized crowns in-office, the first crown applied would have likely been temporary. After several weeks of waiting for a dental lab to return the permanent crown, a patient would return for a second visit to complete the procedure. With same-day crowns, there are no temporary crowns or long wait periods; everything is finalized in one visit.
Our design and rendering technology allows us to be extremely precise with the measurements and shape of each crown we make. Once we know the crown or bridge will fit perfectly, we will bond it to the natural tooth permanently. These crowns are every bit as sturdy as traditional crowns and are guaranteed to keep your smile looking great. With proper care, your same-day crowns will last a lifetime.

Call Dr. Smith For Your Same Day Crown

To find out more about affordable same day crowns in the Columbus, GA area, call (706) 494-5886 today!
Did you get a same day crown? How was your experience with it, we would love to hear your feedback!